Sunday, May 20, 2012

Hello Everyone! I just wanted to let you all know that I have my next ultrasound for Anna tomorrow at 1:00.
 Here are a couple of things to pray for:
1. Continue to pray for God's healing and protective hand to be over Anna. Pray that her bones would be growing strong and straight and that her organs and bodily functions would be growing and developing as they should. Pray for protection for Anna against these lethal diseases. And mostly, pray for God to be claiming her as His own and giving her a heart to know him.
2. Pray for our hearts to respond with full faith and trust no matter what we see on the screen tomorrow or what we may hear. Pray that our hearts would be set on the Gospel---that Jesus is our Hope and Peace and that we have everything we need in Him. Pray that we will be believing that He is directing our steps and forming Anna perfectly. He is not making a mistake and we can trust Him completely.
3. Pray that God would give us the ultrasound tech and the doctor we need for this visit.
4. Pray that we would be bold in sharing the Hope that we have in whatever opportunities that arise.

 Also, a little more of a detailed report from my Doctor's visit in SC last week. As I said before, the doctor is a believer and he was very calm and gentle. He did not treat Anna as a problem but as our baby and was very compassionate. He took time to ask questions and answer any that we had. He normally delivers at St. Francis Hospital in Greenville which does not have a neo-natal intensive care unit. But, he said that he could deliver Anna at Greenville Memorial (which does) if we thought we needed that closer to delivery (this was a huge answer to prayer for me!). He also thought that Anna looked good and didn't think she would need a NICU after delivery based on what we have seen thus far. He is also getting me to see a Maternal Fetal Specialist (and I was told my a friend that this doctor is wonderful as well) who will monitor Anna and we will work together to determine her needs closer to delivery. I will be seeing both of these doctor's regularly once we move to SC in the middle of June. All I can say is that I see God just really going before us and providing for us and Anna. This doctor has far surpassed any experiences we have had with doctors/midwives here in Raleigh. I feel so peaceful about them caring for us and Anna when we move. I am just rejoicing over the Father's obvious loving care for us and our baby. Thank you so much for your continued prayers!

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