Thursday, July 12, 2012

Another Ultrasound Upate on Anna---one of our last!

Hello Everyone!
I am sorry that I am so late getting an update to you all.  Thanks to all of you who have asked how things went yesterday.  Things have been more than crazy in this moving process, but we (and when I mean we, I mean mainly my wonderful husband) are making good progress in unpacking the house.  With all the business and with taking care of sweet Cara, email just falls lower on the priority list.  BUT, I want to thank you all for your continued prayers---they truly do mean SO MUCH, and I want to keep you updated as best I can on how things are going with little Anna.

The appointment went well yesterday.  We met with another genetic specialist here.  This encounter was much different than the first, probably for several reasons.  One, I am at the end of my pregnancy so there is no question as to whether I want to keep my baby or not.  Two, we have more information and all that information points to this not being life threatening for Anna.  And three, different people have different personalities and perspectives and this counselor was very, very kind and encouraging.  Right now, we are still looking at Anna have a form of skeletal dysplatia---though it looks to be mild.  I learned yesterday that not all forms of skeletal dysplatia mean that the person is a dwarf, but, if you are a dwarf (or little person :), you DO have a form of skeletal dysplatia...interesting.  And it does appear that our little And will indeed be little.  She will most likely be our short little girl---and this Mama knows all about being short, though Anna will most likely be shorter than me.  The counselor also said that it will most likely take time to diagnose what specific form of skeletal dysplatia that Anna has---and the milder the case the longer it could take---even up to 3 years.  There are several different ways to diagnose depending on what the child has (blood work, x-rays, examinations by a genetic doctor).  Most likely it will involve a lot of just watching Anna to see how she grows and develops.  There are SO MANY types of skeletal dysplatia that it can take a while to narrow down what specific one she has.  And Anna could possible have a kind that doesn't even really have a name--it is just more specific to her.  We do have the Shriner's Hospital here in Greenville which I keep hearing really great things about.  They will be the ones to help us address any specific needs she may have.  And the counselor asked lots of questions about family history, but it does not appear that there is anything in either mine or Josh's families that would make this hereditary---it is most likely a random genetic mutation (ordained by my loving Heavenly Father) for Anna.  

 The ultrasound itself when really well also.  We were able to see her blink her eyes and take lots of practice breaths.  Everything is measuring right on target (chest, abdomen, head, etc) expect her limbs are measuring a little short because of the bowing.  All her organs look good and like they are developing well.  Again, the ultrasound tech said that her head and face looked normal---there does not appear to be any cleft palate or larger forehead that dwarfs will have.  She is growing well, yay!  SO many good signs for our sweet girl.  Still, the only concern is just a slight bowing in her limbs (the one femur bone in one of her legs is the most severe) that makes them shorter.  Anna also looks like she could be our fat baby!  Her cheeks and little bottom (from when they did the check to see that indeed she was a girl) looked so chubby!  Right now they think she ways around 5 pounds and the average weight for a baby right now is 5 and 1/4 pounds.  So she is doing well!  She really just looks so precious to me!    

The doctor still believes that all things are looking good for her.  He doesn't expect her to have any major issues when she is born and she should be able to go home with us---yay!  We have decided to deliver at Greenville Memorial.  I have heard really wonderful things about this hospital and if Anna happened to need a NICU it would be right there.  But we really just made that decision on personal preference, not because it looks like Anna will need any special help.  

Soooo, that is the jest of everything!  :)  Am I still praying for complete healing for my baby girl?  Yes.  I firmly believe that my God is fully capable of healing her.  But, I know that He may not choose to do that.  He will choose to do what is best and what brings Him most glory.  HE IS lovingly forming our Anna.  And she will be PERFECTLY FORMED, no matter what she looks like.  God has given my heart such peace with her little life.  He will fully equip us to love and care for her no matter what special needs she may have.  Anna nor her family deserves any pity---God only deserves praise for what He is doing and will do in and through her life.  She will be a blessing beyond imagining.  I keep thinking about something my mom told me a while back.  One of her friends had two children, one with special needs and one without.  Her friend said that she had the best of both worlds.  Her friend wouldn't have traded the one child who had special needs (and he had more severe special needs) to be like the one who didn't.  She saw both as a wonderful blessing and gift.  I love that.  Both Anna and Cara will be my sweet girls and I know I won't want to change one thing about either of them.  They are perfectly designed and I pray will be women who know, fear, and love God with all their hearts, souls, minds, and strength.

So thank you all for your continued prayers.  God hears and is answering!  My due date is August 16th!  So very soon you will be hearing reports of her being here!  I have one last ultrasound on August 8th at 1:30.  And then, Lord willing, the next time I see her I will be holding her!  :)))
Blessing to you all!

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  1. Praise the Lord! What an encouraging post; thanks so much for sharing. It's been wonderful to travel along with you guys on this journey. Praying for you, love you!