Monday, April 9, 2012

Update on baby Anna

Hello Everyone!
Thank you so very much for your prayers today. I really believe that the Lord went before us. First, we had a different ultrasound tech which can make a big difference in the over all experience. This ultrasound tech was WONDERFUL! She was so kind and encouraging! She took measurements of Anna today and Anna's head, chest, and abdomen all measure normal---right where she should be. This is GREAT news. The tech said she weighs 13 sweet to know. Also, this tech also said that Anna has a beautiful heart (the one before said the same thing). I know they are saying that her heart is functioning beautifully but I am praying for a beautiful heart for Anna that goes BEYOND functioning beautifully---one that will love Jesus and be so conformed to His image that it is made so beautiful. The tech also said that her lungs looked great and growing well. Anna has two kidneys that are working properly as well. All my fluid levels were good and healthy.

Her bones also did not look as bowed to me today! Perhaps God is healing her! In fact, one of the bones in her arms measured straight. The others were only slightly bowed. The femur bones are still the most curved, but they didn't look as bowed as before---certainly not L shaped! Also, all her limbs except the femurs are measuring in normal range for a baby 21+ weeks. And the femurs are very close to normal range. Her overall growth is in the 25 percentile which really isn't that bad at all. This ultrasound tech was also really kind to point out that Josh and I are short people. She didn't think that it could be that unusual for Anna to be small because of that. She also said that with the bowing that she saw in the limbs, Anna could be born and us not even be able to notice it in her. Apparently she has been doing ultrasounds since the early 90's, so she has seen a lot. She said that she saw nothing in Anna that was overly concerning. And that she saw nothing that pointed to things being lethal as of right now. All very encouraging.

However, the doctor was not really encouraging at all. The one positive thing she said was that in many dwarf children you will see a more curving of the forehead---it protrudes more. But, she did not see that in Anna. However, she really just basically said that because we won't do the amniocentesis she couldn't help us. And that was pretty much it. But, that is ok. :) Josh did say to her that he thought Anna's bones didn't look as bowed as last time so she looked at the previous ultrasound pics and did acknowledge that didn't look as bowed. But, then she followed it up quickly with Anna still is not normal. But, you know, not normal is ok. God is knitting her together perfectly and I am ok with that!

One thing that keeps standing out in my mind today is that I cannot put my hope in any test, any ultrasound, any ultrasound tech, or any doctor. Any of these can be right or wrong about anything. Only God truly knows the details of Anna and what is in store for her. God IS working in and through Anna's life. He WILL accomplish all His purposes and they are good. I don't always feel like trusting Him through all of this. But I know that I cannot go on my feelings. I will choose to cling to the Word of God and what it says. And God's Word says that I am not to be anxious about ANYTHING, that my God is in sovereign control, and that His love is steadfast.

Please keep praying for us and Anna. Pray for our faith--that we will cling to what is true and allow Him to mold us more into His image---no matter how painful the process. And PLEASE keep praying for Anna. That even from the womb God would be drawing her to Himself. That God would heal her and protect her. That her life would continually point others to the Hope we have in Jesus.

Thank you all!

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